Please call our staff (9650 0522) to arrange an appointment time.

A referral from either your General Practitioner or another Specialist is required. If you have current scans/X-rays or hearing test results please bring them with you to your appointment.

Patients with ear, balance or hearing problems may require a hearing test to assist in diagnosis of your condition. Our Audiologists can perform comprehensive hearing tests on adults and children during your appointment.

Patients with nose, sinus or throat problems may require endoscopic examination.


Medicare partly covers private Specialist consultations, hearing tests (audiograms) and nasal endoscopy, however there will be an out of pocket payment.


Should you require surgery our, staff will always provide a detailed quote of surgical fees.

The level of reimbursement provided by your insurer will depend on
• Your level of cover
• The procedure being performed
• The gap cover for the procedure being performed

There is usually an out of pocket expense payable to the Surgeon.
Your anaesthetist will also provide a quote for the anaesthetic which will depend on the type and length of the surgical procedure.
The Private Hospital will contact you to determine if there are any fees to be paid to the Hospital. For example, if you have an excess with your policy.

Other fees may be incurred if pathology, radiology or pharmacy is required or if a prosthesis is implanted (eg with Stapedectomy).